Save your money! Buy affordable Prescription glasses online with Discount Optical! Here are answers to the most common questions from our customers:

A: As one of Australia’s leading eyewear companies, we have been involved in the eyewear industry for over 30 years. We have built strong relationships with our suppliers, some of whom we’ve worked with for over 20 years. We purchase in bulk, which means that while quality is never compromised, we are able to offer our glasses to you at prices everyone can afford.

Also, as an online retailer, we haven’t had to invest in expensive shop fit outs and eye testing equipment. We don’t offer eye tests, we simply provide an exceptional service to you, our client…. great quality prescription glasses and reading glasses at fantastic prices.

A: Buying prescription glasses online with us is FAST and EASY
All you need is a prescription from an Optometrist that is not more than 2 years old. If you haven’t had an eye test for a while, simply visit an Optometrist, have an eye test, then he/she will provide you with a prescription.

Your Optometrist may stock a range of glasses, but you’re not obligated to purchase from your Optometrist.

Send us your prescription, choose your frames and lenses, then order through our shopping cart. It’s that simple!
For a step by step guide, go to our how to order page

A: Yes – we’re more than happy to help you out!
If you’re having problems reading or understanding your prescription, just:
Email us at info@discountoptical.com.au or call 1800 556 456

A simple guide to your prescription…

At Discount Optical, we specialize in single vision lenses for reading or distance.

Use the following guide when reading your prescription. If you need glasses for:

  • Reading or other work at a short distance, use the ‘near’ line
  • Long distance viewing, use the ‘distance’ line
  • General use, for seeing in between close by and distance viewing, use the ‘intermediate’ line.

A. The distance between your pupils. It helps us position your lenses accurately in your frames.
In order to guarantee and accurate prescription, your Optometrist should measure the distance between your pupils. This is called the Pupillary Distance (PD). By knowing the exact PD, the lenses will be more accurately positioned in the glasses frames.

If you don’t have your PD indicated on your prescription, you can nominate to use the average PD, which is 65mm for distance vision and 62mm for up close, or reading vision.

A. All our standard lenses feature a durable lightweight plastic called CR39 and an anti-scratch coating.

Our other lens options:

Lightweight, thin
Lens: 1.6 index
FOR: prescriptions over +/- 2.50

Lightweight, thin Photochromic, Polarised 1.50 index
Lens: 1.59 and 1.6 index

Lightweight, extra thin
Lens: 1.67 index
FOR: prescriptions over +/- 5.00.

A. All Discount Optical glasses come with a high quality anti-scratch coating. Our other lens coatings include:

  • Polarised (see above)
  • Transitions (Photochromic)
  • Anti- reflective
  • UV Protection

A. We don’t sell prescription sunglasses at this stage. Stay tuned though…

A.Discount Optical sells a range of Polarised lenses, which significantly reduce glare and reflected light. We also sell a range of Photochromic lenses, otherwise known as Transitions lenses. These glasses act like normal eyeglasses at night and when inside, but turn a darker tint when outside in bright conditions.

A. Yes, of course!
We have a great range of Australian designed frames that match current fashion trends. Simply nominate zero power – ‘Plano’ for both eyes when filling in your prescription details.

A. By following these simple guidelines…
Do you already have glasses? If you do, you can be guided by the measurements of your current frames.

If you’re not sure what the measurements are, or you’ve never owned glasses, please use the following as a guide:

Here are the 3 standard measurements on glasses frames, although the best one to use is the frame width measurement. The other measurements tend to vary according to the style you’ve chosen.


A. With pleasure! Although most of our customers find their frames fit perfectly.
Our Optical dispensers take the utmost care to ensure your frames fit as well as possible. If you find your frames don’t fit as well as you’d like, sometimes simple adjustments are all that’s needed. We’re happy to adjust your glasses for you, but if you don’t want to send your glasses back, most eyewear shops will be able to help you out for a small fee.

A. For your convenience, we offer a variety of ways to pay.
We accept Paypal, or Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa). We’re also happy to accept money orders or cheques. Please make your cheque out to Discount Optical.

A. All transactions with Discount Optical are secure and private. Whenever you see a small padlock icon, this is a sign you are using a secure page – you will see this icon whenever you make an online payment with Discount Optical.

A. We are currently working with the major Private Health Insurers to establish Discount Optical as a Registered Prescription Eyewear Provider. While we wait for our registration, we’d like to point out that our prices are among the most competitive on the market, even without Health Fund rebates.

A. By Australia Post
Each pair of our glasses is handled and packaged with care, and sent via Australia Post. Your glasses will be placed in a protective, hard glasses case and then further protected with packing material to ensure they arrive in their original condition.

A. You’ll be surprised how quickly!
We are committed to providing you with the best possible service, and that means getting your glasses to you as quickly as possible.

We will process your order within a day of receiving it. While you may receive your glasses sooner, please allow around 5 – 7 working days* to receive your prescription glasses if you live in a metropolitan centre and up to 10 working days if you live in a regional centre. Of course, our aim is to get them to you as quickly as possible, so we hope to surprise you with an earlier delivery!

*This applies to most orders. If the prescription is more complex, and for example requires a Grind lens, delivery may take a little longer.

Should you have any queries about the progress of your delivery, please contact 1800 556 456.

A. Even more quickly!
If you’re purchasing reading glasses, we can get these to you more quickly as we don’t need to fulfill a prescription. Please allow 3 – 5 working days for metropolitan areas and 5 – 7 working days if you live in a regional centre. Of course, if we can deliver them any earlier than that, we’ll be pulling out all stops to do so!

A. We will replace them for you!
We stand behind our work and have built a strong reputation over the last 30 years for providing quality eyewear at affordable prices. Your glasses will be inspected by our Optical Dispenser before being shipped. The Optical Dispenser will go over your glasses carefully, checking the lenses, the prescription itself and the measurement and alignment of the frames.

Please check your glasses for factory defects and ensure you have the correct product as soon as your delivery arrives. If your glasses have a factory defect, we will replace your glasses immediately, free of charge. Please just call us within 14 days of receiving your glasses to report the defect.

A. Simply call or email us.
If there is a problem, please contact our customer service on 1800 556 456 or email us at info@discountoptical.com.au.

We are happy to exchange, refund or provide a credit for your glasses provided you return them to us within 14 days of the purchase date. Please include your receipt.

We would appreciate you returning your product in its original condition and packaging, with all tags and stickers still attached. If these have been removed, we may need to recoup the cost of repackaging by charging you a small fee.

A. Call us to find out if we’ve processed your order yet.
We aim to process every order by the next business day, and you will receive an email stating that we’ve received your order. Please check all the details in this email are correct. If you realize you’ve made a mistake in the information you’ve provided us, please contact us straight away.

Email: info@discountoptical.com.au
Call: 1800 556 456.

A. A full 12 month warranty!
As a 100% Australian family owned business, we’ve been involved in the eyewear industry for 30 years. This level of longevity only comes with being able to manufacture and supply the highest quality product. Even though our core business is to offer our customers affordable glasses online, we stand behind the high quality and reliability of our eyewear. We guarantee to replace or repair free of charge any product with a factory defect for 12 months following the date of purchase. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Glasses that have been damaged or broken due to personal wear and tear or mistreatment
  • Lenses that have been replaced or removed from their frames
  • Please note: We are constantly updating our range of eyewear with new designs – if we cannot replace your exact frame because it has been discontinued, we will replace it with a frame of similar value.

    A. As long as you return them in original condition within 14 days, we’re happy to exchange them for an alternative pair.